Do you have specific goals for your workout but don't know how to get there? Are you frustrated with the progress you've been making working out on your own? Consider a personal trainer!

A personal trainer can help you obtain your goals. A trainer will motivate and push you beyond what you can do yourself. Your trainer is a stress releaser, friend, confidant, but most of all he or she will be your hero when you get the results you've been looking for.

All of Stroud's trainers are certified and have had many years experience in the field. Call for a free consultation and more information on our trainers, including pricing and scheduling.

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Our TrainersKirk and Sam Stroud

Kirk & Samm Stroud

Owners of Stroud's Fitness, presidents of the ISA powerlifting organiza tion, national and high school powerliftng judges, Samm and Kirk also hold several state, national and world powerlifting records.

Samm specializes in weight loss programs consisting of the Big 3 - cardiovascular, weight bearing exercises and a correct program of eating.

Kirk specializes in powerlifting training.


Lee Seale

Lee has been training for over 10 years and has trained a wide array of clients from ages 14 to 60. He is CPR, ISSA and AFAA trainer certified, has an Associates of Arts and Sciences and is currently pursuing a bachelors degree in Kinesiology with a minor in nutrition.

Lee has won the North Texas light-heavyweights novice division in 1995 and got 2nd place in the Red River Classic open middleweights division in 1996. Lee has many skills in practical application as well as in the theory of training.

He has stayed current with different styles of cardiovascular training as well as nutritional guidelines to always optimize a person's well-being.

"Lee Seale gives and demands nothing but the best from his clients. He motivates you to go beyond the norms and provides a terrific, goal-oriented workout."

Patrick Price, Client

Toni McMurtre

Toni is a highly energetic personal trainer that is very motivating with her enthusiasm.  She has been in the gym for over ten years and has been a personal trainer at Stroud’s Fitness for the past three years.  She is an experienced fitness competitor (NPC) and Fitness America Pageant judge. 

Toni is also a private cheerleading coach, specializing in jumps and overall technique for cheerleaders at any level.  She has experience with pre/post natal clients (she is a mother of four!) and tries to make going to the gym a very enjoyable experience. She helps clients of all ages reach their many fitness goals.

Personal Trainer / Private Cheer Coach USASF / CPR Certified / SilverSneakers Certified Instructor / 1999 Lone Star Fitness Classic Winner / FAP Judge / Advocare DistributorThose who train with professional supervision achieve strength gains 30 – 45% greater than those who exercise alone. Plus they get results 30% quicker!

Johnnie O. Jackson

"The Next Big Thing" -

Matt Browns


Call now for prices and scheduling!

(817) 268-FITT (3488)